Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Will I Ever Learn?

Fourth Updated Post: December 31
(44 of 52 books completed; 2 titles and 6 authors unread).
Third Updated Post: December 13
(38 of 52 books completed; 5 titles and 9 authors to go).
Second Updated Post: July 14 (29 of 52 books completed).
First Updated Post: March 18 (17 of 52 books completed).
Original Post: December 31.

I've got to stop visiting Joy! Every time I stop by, she's got something else going on that I can't resist joining. (It doesn't help that she is such an absolutely fabulous host, who makes me feel so welcome!) This is my latest find:

Click on the button to find out all the details!
I'll be filling in my authors and titles as I read them!


  1. Oh my goodness!!! You are too kind. I am thankful for your visits and you are welcome to stop by anytime. I promise I won't twist your arm to make you do anything you don't want to do. Well . . . I won't twist, but I may poke. *BIG GRIN*

    I'm glad you joined! :)

  2. I know just what you mean. That Joy is the Challenge Queen of the internet. And her challenges are always so fun. I want to join this one, too, but I need to take a minute and write down my books.

  3. I'm always cautious about joining these but this sounds like a lot of fun so I'm really tempted!

  4. This challenge looked too daunting to me with all the other challenges I had in the wings. I did sign up today for Joy's Five Non-Fiction challenge and was able to use books cross overed from other challenges. She does seem sweet and is very creative with her challenges! :)

  5. You're doing much better than I am. I think I've only got 24 slots filled in. I'm amazed by how many books don't make the list because both letters are already filled in. It's going to take more "deliberate" reading than I thought it would.

  6. For your Books from A to Z, for the letter "F", try a Tuesday Next book-- by Jasper Fforde.
    They are off-beat, but fun.