Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff

Published in 2002. 166 pages.
2003 Newbery Honor Book.

First sentence: This picture has a dollop of peanut butter on one edge, a smear of grape jelly on the other, and an X across the whole thing.

Plot summary: Hollis Woods is a twelve-year-old girl who, abandoned as a baby, has spent her life running away from foster homes. Two recent placements find special spots in the pictures she draws - and in her heart - and Hollis will never be the same.

From the book jacket: Patricia Reilly Giff captures the yearning for a place to belong in this warm-hearted story, which stresses the importance of artistic vision, creativity, and above all, family.

Why I read this book: Pictures of Hollis Woods was the January pick for Book Buddies. My daughter Sugar Plum had already read it; in fact, it was the pick for our mother-daughter book club a couple of years ago. For some reason, I didn't have a chance to read it then, so I jumped at the opportunity to read it now. Additionally, it is perfect for my "Oh, To Be Young Again" category for the 888 Challenge. Of course, I'm also counting it for the Winter Reading Challenge.

What I thought: Pictures of Hollis Woods is a sweet and tender story, creatively told. I highly recommend it for older children as well as for adults!



  1. This book sounds really good. You just added another to my TBR. You enabler you! LOL!

  2. I'm reading this also for Book Buddies. I'm not done yet, but what I love about it is the way it is structured.