Sunday, May 01, 2016

By the Numbers
March/April 2016

Number of books read: 23.

Fiction: 16.
Non-fiction: 7.

Picture books: 4.

Audiobooks: 7.
(Four of these I "read" via CD during my commuting time. The other three were e-audiobooks: I borrowed Identical from the county library and "read" on my iPod as incentive to exercise; I borrowed Off the Page from the library via One Click Digital and listened to much of it in the mornings while getting ready for the day; and The Master Magician was my first "read" via Audible, purchased to complement the Kindle book.)

On the Kindle: 10.
(I purchased seven of these, including Off the Page and The Master Magician, to which I also listened to e-audiobook versions. I borrowed the other three from the county library.)

Number of books read during Dewey's 24-Hour Read-a-Thon: 9.

Number of books read as part of a book launch team: 1.
(I hadn't heard of Alexandra Kuykendall when her new release Loving My Actual Life came onto my radar screen - but it was perfect for this year when my One Little Word is YES and I am so glad I was able to be part of the launch team.)

Books by male authors: 8.
Books by female authors: 15.

5-star rating: 1.
4-star rating: 15.
3-star rating: 5.
2-star rating: 2.

Cumulative number of books read year-to-date: 35.
(My goal is to read a total of 104 books in 2016, so — thanks to the read-a-thon — I'm actually one book ahead of schedule. At least for the moment.)

How is your 2016 reading adding up?