Friday, August 08, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Published in 2008. 756 pages.

I finished it late last night! From what I've heard, some people were disappointed with Breaking Dawn - but I think many of those weren't huge fans of the previous books either. It seems to me that there are people who just like picking on Stephenie Meyer for some reason. So what if the Twilight Saga isn't great literature?! It was fun, and my daughters and I enjoyed it!

I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say the following:

  • I was satisfied with this conclusion to the saga.
  • I'm not sure what I was expecting would happen, but Meyer managed to both surprise me and keep me engaged.
  • A few pages - maybe more than a few - could have been edited out, but for the most part, I'm glad Meyer didn't cut the story short.
  • I hope that we'll get to return to the world of the vampires and werewolves some time in the future.

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  1. Here is my review of Breaking Dawn. For the most part, I agree with you.

  2. I liked this book, I thought the whole series was really great and the end of this book gave me "peace". I felt like Bella's story was done, I loved it.

    Not that I wouldn't LOVE to have more stories from other people's perspectives :)

  3. OOOhhhh I'm so jealous!! I am waiting to read it. My mom bought a copy and my 3 sisters have devoured it and my dad is now reading it. When he's done, then I'll get it. I'm glad you liked it though! I can't wait...

  4. I'm sorry to say I didn't love it. I could see the twist at the end of section two coming and I just didn't want her to go there!

    Having said that I thought Bella was great in this book.

    I think she should write the next one about Alice and Jasper :)

  5. I've read the last three and I like them all. I'm getting this one soon. :)