Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Closing the Files

With only a few hours to go in 2008, there are a bunch of reading challenges that I'm just not going to finish. (There are a couple that I'm going to stick with until they're complete - even though it'll be past the deadline. More on those later.) Here is a final status report on those I've leaving behind me:

    342,752 Ways to Herd Cats - 1/3. (I loved the quirky concept of this challenge, but it just didn't really work for me.)

    Chunkster Challenge - 3/4.

    Back to History Challenge - 11/12. (I almost finished this one.)

    Every Month is a Holiday - 10/12. (This one - which I understand is now going to be a perpetual challenge - was a lot of fun. I didn't finish either August's or December's picks. I am tempted to try it again in 2009, but I'm resisting - at least for now.)

    1st in a Series - 2/12. (So many series, so little time!)

    Celebrate the Author - 4/12. (This was a fun idea but difficult for me to implement.)

    Printz Award Challenge - 3/6. (I'm definitely coming back to some of these titles.)

    Graphic Novels Challenge - 5/6. (It was a lot of fun to explore this genre a little. I'll definitely be reading more graphic novels in the future.)

    Man Booker Challenge - 0/6. (This seemed like a good idea at the time.)

    Reading Full Circle Challenge - 7 completed. (The best part of this one was making the lists.)

    Suspense & Thriller Challenge - 8/6 for 2008. (Although I love suspense thrillers, this challenge wasn't really working for me. It's continuing into 2009, but I'm done with it.)

    Cardathon - 4 completed.

A big thank you to all the hosts and other participants of these challenges!


  1. 1st in a Series - 2/12.

    Don't think of it as not finishing a challenge, think of it as 10 new series you didn't start.