Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Reading Dilemma

I've publicly stated that one of the best things about a book club is reading books you wouldn't choose on your own. (I said that here as well as in a number of book club meetings and casual conversations.)

I've also publicly stated that I'll never read anything written by Glenn Beck. (I said it here and also implied it here.)

Can you guess what my long-time book club is reading for our November 4 meeting? That would be The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck. How do I deal with this dilemma?


  1. I share you sentiments on Glenn Beck. At least it's just a short piece of fiction, right? I don't know much about it, but maybe it's harmless. Or maybe an "emergency" will come up and you won't be able to attend.

  2. I don't know what your aversion to Glenn Beck is, but different situations require different responses, prospectives fluctuate and sometimes we just change our mind. So, if it's your previous announcements that are prohibiting you from joining your group, don't let them stop you.

    Even though I read it, I am not encouraging or discouraging you to read The Christmas Sweater. I'm just trying to point out that I (we?) will not hold it against you if you go ahead and take the plunge. :)

  3. Sometimes you can read a book and snark your way through it.

  4. you go to book club withOUT reading Glenn Beck. Blech.