Friday, April 16, 2010

Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

Published in 2007. 344 pages.
2009 Edgar Award for Best Novel.

Despite my love of suspense thrillers, I had never read any of C.J. Box's novels prior to Blue Heaven. One of the Salt Lake County Reader's Choice picks for 2010, it caught my eye when I visited the library a few months ago. Box's first stand-alone mystery - which has been called a "modern Western" not only for its setting but also for its structure - was a compelling and pleasurable read. I doubt it will be the only C.J. Box I ever read.



  1. How wild...I just bought this Wednesday night when I heard him speak at a local bookstore!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed it, they referenced it a few times when he was interviewed so picking it up was easy! He was an awesome speaker and was genuinely nice and funny. I look forward to comparing notes when I'm done!

  2. I still haven't read this one. Sounds interesting... Not an author I'm familiar with either.