Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Reading the Newbery Award Winners

Back in May, I signed up to participate in Nattie's Newbery Challenge. Sadly, Nattie is no longer with us, but Heather is keeping her memory and her love of books alive at The Nattie Challenge. (By the way, Heather just posted an "easy peasy" challenge for January. Check it out!)

Because I over-committed myself with challenges that ended on December 31, the Newbery Challenge is one I did not complete. I do have some Newbery winners on my list for the Book Awards Reading Challenge, though, and I've joined the Newbery Project to read all of them.


  1. My grandmother use to buy me all of the winners every year for Christmas.

  2. I've given you a blogger blessing on my blog. Come and visit.

  3. I think that was one I actually managed to complete! But sadly, I failed with a couple others. I'm part of the Newbery Project, too, though I keep forgetting to go post there. Wouldn't it be amazing to finish them ALL?