Saturday, October 20, 2007

Read-a-Thon Readers of the Hour

I've just visited readers 3M and L-Squared!

3M is currently reading a book that I'm going to be reading in the next month or so, Tears of the Giraffe, and she just read, in one sitting, Lois Lowry's Gossamer, which I recently read and loved.

L-Squared has been distracted from reading by several things, including a possible missing snake! But she's got several possibilities lined up for getting back into the books.


  1. Ha ha, the snake went missing? I shouldn't laugh, but... hee hee. Poor L-Squared. It's not poisonous, right?

  2. I'll bet most of us are following the saga of the snake. Hopefully she lets us know what happened.

  3. I haven't read that Lois Lowry book! I'm putting it on my list!