Sunday, October 21, 2007

Elapsed Time 17:30

Progress report ...

Time Read: 9:45 (give or take a few minutes for interruptions from kids and time spent preparing food)

Pages Read: 470

Books Finished: 1 (Pretties by Scott Westerfeld)

Time Blogged: 5:45

Frame of Mind: Finishing a book is a boost to my energy level! But now that's it's getting past my regular bedtime, I'm afraid I'm going to start fading fast. I've gathered six books that might keep my attention, and I'm going to make some popcorn.


  1. Did you like Pretties enough to keep reading the series?

  2. dewey: i did. i liked Uglies better than Pretties, but i am definitely going to read Specials.

  3. Go, go go! You can do it. :D I'm thinking about popcorn as well.

  4. You're doing great!!!

    Cheerleader Alisia (with Baby Maya doing her daily gymnastics in utero)

  5. Popcorn sounds good! Are you still up, Alison? Are you still reading?

  6. Oh, I love Pretties! I just picked up Specials from the library the other day. I liked Uglies better, also, but I really am enjoying the series. A fourth book is coming out soon.

  7. This is so cool that I'm getting so many new books to look into! Before you, I"d never heard of any of these!