Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Frame of Mind: Taking a break from reading to read comments, visit a few blogs, and play along with a mini-challenge was very beneficial. I did not expect to be so tired this early in the day. I wanted to get a good start on The Historian today, as it is the last of my picks for the R.I.P. II Challenge. Despite how intriguing the book is, I did suspect that I wouldn't be able to stick with it all day. So, on page 120, ready to start chapter 17, I'm switching to Scott Westerfeld's Pretties. I'm also going to get some chips with beans and cheese.


  1. The Historian is a great book but I can't blame you if you take a break. Keep up the great reading!

    Cheerleader Chris

  2. (on winning a prize over at Dewey's)

  3. You're not the only one who put down The Historian for awhile. That's the fun part of this Readathon ... you get to come back to it whenever you want!

  4. I really loved The Historian but I, too, had to take a couple of breaks from it!

    Need another break? I'm hosting a mini challenge this hour. Come check it out:

    Cheerleader Kristin

  5. Ooooo...chips sound mighty good about now!

    I didn't expect to be so tired this early either. Just finished a book (one I was well into before the start of the Readathon), and I think I'm going to go for something short and light.

    Continued good luck!

  6. I'm probably going to switch in the middle as well. (From Lisey's Story)

  7. Yes, I'm flagging a bit now, too. It's a bit unexpected - I thought I had more staying-power than this!

  8. I too tried to finish my last book for the RIP challenge but found I needed to take a break so I'm reading some kid's books.