Saturday, October 20, 2007

Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge

Reader's Advisory.

Kristin is hosting this mini-challenge, and as a librarian, she wants to know a little about what I'm reading and who I think might like it.

I'm currently reading Pretties, the second book in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies trilogy. I read Uglies about a month ago and really enjoyed the young adult dystopian tale. Both Uglies and Pretties are definitely written for young adults - my 16yo daughter enjoyed this trilogy as well as some of Westerfeld's other books - but adults who enjoy YA novels and/or stories about dystopian societies will enjoy it too.

I don't think that I know any other authors with which I'd compare Westerfeld, but the book is light, fast-paced, easy reading, similar to Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, which I read this past summer and loved!

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  1. I'm huge fan of Westerfeld and agree that Stephenie Meyer fans would probably enjoy the Uglies trilogy. Thanks for participating!