Sunday, August 19, 2007

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Published in 2007. 629 pages.

First line: "All our attempts at subterfuge had been in vain."

The third in the Twilight series, this novel was an eagerly anticipated summer read for me and for my daughters! Jelly Bean read it first, in less than two days. It took me three - I finished it at about two o'clock this morning. Sugar Plum read the whole thing today.

(For some background on this series, if you're not yet familiar with it, see my reviews of Twilight and New Moon, here and here, respectively.)

What I liked:

  1. This time around, Meyer gives us background into more of the secondary characters, like Rosalie and Jasper. Rosalie's story, in particular, is a powerful one.

  2. There were several points where I laughed out loud.

  3. There were also several points where I cried. I think Meyer continues to capture well the range of emotions Bella feels for both Edward and Jacob and about the choices she has to make. I certainly can relate - despite the fact that my teen years are well behind me.

What I didn't like:

  1. Some of Jacob's actions disturbed me, especially since this is the character that Jelly Bean likes best. I do want to like him, but sometimes it was hard.

I like that this series is something about which my daughters and I can all be equally enthusiastic. Eclipse was the perfect post-audit, end-of-week read for me!

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By the way, this was my fourth and final book for Beach Blanket Bonanza. Check out what other participants read here.



  1. Oh, what timing! I just put this on my list of books to read for Carl's RIP II! Can't wait til it arrives :-)

  2. Since I haven't read Twilight yet (and I can't believe that I haven't), I added it to MY list for the RIP challenge!! I've heard so many good things about it. (Besides, my daughter's name is Bella! Can't resist a book with a heroine named Bella!)

  3. I should have checked your whole blog before commenting on your New Moon post! Obviously, you've read Eclipse! Interesting that you bring up the Jake stuff... I come at it from the angle that he's a 17-year old boy trapped in the werewolf-morphing body of a 25-year old. He's inexperienced with girls, and in life, and he's desperately in love with Bella. And he's giving it his all... he's not throwing in the towel until he knows that she has made the choice. He's imperfect... he makes mistakes... as both Edward and Bella also do in this book. I love Jake for his immaturity, and his stubbornness, and his headstrong attitude, and mostly, I love him because he's in so much pain. I cried several times, too. Cried even harder on the re-read. Ahhh... I could go on for pages...

  4. I still can't decide whether I want to read this series or not. I've heard so often that the last book just doesn't live up to the earlier ones, but as a whole it does seem interesting.

  5. I've seen a lot of hype about the Stephanie Meyer books, just as I've seen a lot of hype about the Maximum Ride books (one of which I reviewed, and was WAY nicer in the review than how I really felt). But unlike the Maximum Ride series, I've actually seen REAL LIVE KIDS reading the Stephanie Meyer books.

  6. I finished reading this last night and thought it's quite a nice book. Luckily it's better than New Moon, in my opinion. More action, more characters, more thrilling!

    Here's my review of it.