Saturday, September 03, 2016

By the Numbers
July/August 2016

Number of books read: 13.

Fiction: 12.
Non-fiction: 1.

Audiobooks: 5.
(Four of these I "read" during my commute, and the other one I "read" on my iPod as incentive to exercise.)

On the Kindle: 8.
(Two of these I had purchased, and the other six I borrowed from the public library.)

Number of books read with "Natalie's Book Club": 2.
(Both Fahrenheit 451 and Just Mercy gave us lots to discuss!)

Books by male authors: 4.
Books by female authors: 9.

New-to-me authors: 6.

5-star rating: 1.
4-star rating: 8.
3-star rating: 3.
2-star rating: 1.

Cumulative number of books read year-to-date: 62.
(My goal is to read a total of 104 books in 2016, so I'm currently seven books behind schedule.)

How is your 2016 reading adding up?

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