Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading for Charity

"Education is the key to opportunity."

I'm reading to raise money for the Perpetual Education Fund by donating 50 cents for every comment I receive on a read-a-thon post, up to a total of $100. You can help by leaving a comment here - or on any of my other read-a-thon posts. Maybe you ought to try to guess the title in my book puzzle post!


  1. I am reading for charity too - doesn't it add a little more purpose to the readathon? Your charity does great work - hope you get LOTS of comments. I will tweet out a link to your post!

  2. I'm reading for charity as well! for the New York Public Library

    I've tied my charity donation to how many books I read this year... so I feel a teeny bit pressured to read more more more! Is that silly, or what?