Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankfully Reading Part 3

I haven't had much time to read today. I am thankful for several reading communities, though, so I wanted to respond to today's mini-challenge question.

First, I'm thankful for my original reading community - my mom! When I was young, she took me and my sisters to the library frequently, and she always made sure we had books in our home, even when money was very limited. I've borrowed a lot of books from her over the years. Even now, she always gives books to me and to my kids for Christmas.

Second, I'm thankful for the book blogging community. When I started this blog in January 2007, my primary objective was to keep track of the books I was reading. At that point I had no idea that such a great book blogging community existed out there! Visiting book blogs, participating in reading challenges, reading along with online book clubs, being part of book blogging events (like this one), and even meeting some of the book bloggers in Utah - I have a lot of fun being part of the book blogging community.

Finally, I'm thankful for my in-real-life book clubs. I've been reading with one group since June 2002. The composition of the group has changed over time - my sister Carrie and I are the only remaining original members - but we're still meeting about eight times a year, enjoying good books and good food. I've been meeting with another group for almost two years. I call them "my book lunch girls" - although officially it is Natalie's Book Club. I blogged about my gratitude for them earlier this month on my "regular" blog.


  1. My mom was similar; she made me the avid book lover I am!

    When I started blogging in early 08 I had no concept there was even a book blogging community. Boy, was I shocked when I saw how large and welcoming it was!

  2. Like you and Jenn, I had no idea about the book blogging community that existed when I started my blog in early 2008. I'm so glad it does, though!