Sunday, October 10, 2010

Elapsed Time 19:30

Progress Report

Time Read: 10:15

Pages Read: 488, plus about 3 1/2 hours listening to an audio book (the equivalent of about 160 pages).

Books Finished: Just 1 - although I've made progress on three others.

Time Blogged: 7:15

Frame of Mind: I'm thinking that I'll maybe finish my audio book of Fly On the Wall and then head to bed. I'm not completely exhausted, but I'm worrying a little about my ability to complete a few tasks on tomorrow's to-do list if I've not had any sleep.

Cans of Diet Coke with Lime Consumed:
3 1/2.

Food Consumed:
Two mugs of hot cocoa. A bowl of fresh raspberries with raspberry yogurt. Two biscuits with cheese, and two hard-boiled eggs. One Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar. A handful of Good & Plenty. A handful of cashews. Chinese take-out from Panda Express. One chocolate-dipped strawberry, and several pieces of Hershey's Bliss. Some Pringles potato chips.


  1. Fly on the Wall is on my to read list. How are you enjoying it?

    I hope you are having as much fun reading and blogging as I am cheering!

    I do worry about feeling cruddy in the morning, and also hate that the weekend is slipping away now. The later I stay up tonight the less I will get done tomorrow and the more Monday will loom before me.

    But I know you can squeeze in a little bit more reading before bed! :)

  2. Hour 21

    Still at it I hope. Here's another cheer to keep you focused,

    hey red(clapx2)
    hey black(clapx2)
    hey reader(clapx2)
    hey red
    hey black
    hey reader

    go reader!!!!!

  3. 19:30 is nothing to sneeze at! great job..