Friday, September 24, 2010

Speak Loudly

The opinion piece that re-opened the controversy.

Speak author Laurie Halse Anderson's response.

Thoughts and more thoughts from author Shannon Hale.

My review of Speak from April 2008
and another post I wrote about teen dating violence.

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  1. Reading that opinion piece is making me sick. What kind of a sheltered world that guy lives in (or wants us to live in), I don't know, but it sure isn't the one that is really around us. If anything, I was glad that those kids were getting sex education, even if he wasn't. As a guide for ChaCha, I see way too many ignorant kids getting themselves into trouble because they were too sheltered.

    As for the books, it makes me sad that they are being removed from schools' reading lists. The purpose of books is to make us think and to teach us, isn't it? If we don't let them, then where will society be? I also agree with Shannon Hale when she said that many of the classics that are taught have worse content--if those are okay, why not the others? We could definitely always use more understanding, and a modern perspective helps.

    The way things are going with banning books worries me. The censorship feels like the start of one of those dystopian societies I've read about...