Sunday, October 19, 2008

Read-a-Thon End-of-Event Survey

1. Which hour was most daunting for you?

Just after 4:00 a.m. my time (elapsed time 22:00), I just couldn't hold out any longer, and that was the end of my participation.

2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year?

Reading two graphic novels (see no. 6) during the early morning hours was great for me!

3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year?

This was my third time to participate, and I think it's just getting better and better!

4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon?

I suspect (or at least I hope) that having co-hosts sharing her responsibility helped Dewey enjoy the experience more than in the past. A big thank you to Hannah, Trish, Nymeth!

5. How many books did you read?
6. What were the names of the books you read?

I finished a total of five, one of which I'd already started: Teach With Your Heart (a memoir), Janes in Love (a YA graphic novel), Library Lion (a picture book), Bronte's Book Club (a children's novel), and To Dance (a children's graphic novel memoir). I also read about half of The Eyre Affair (the first of the Thursday Next series) and listened to part of The Rules of Survival (a YA novel).

7. Which book did you enjoy most?

I'd been really enjoying Teach With Your Heart, so it was great to finish it. The Eyre Affair is a fun, quirky novel that had me laughing out loud several times. Janes in Love, which is a sequel to The Plain Janes, is really good.

8. Which did you enjoy least?

I didn't love, love Bronte's Book Club like I'd hoped - although I did enjoy it and would recommend it to girls ages 8-12. The Rules of Survival is dark - not a light, happy read - but I'll definitely be finishing it.

9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders?

Not applicable.

10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time?

If at all possible, I will participate in the next read-a-thon! I'd like to be a reader again - but if my schedule is too busy, then I'll be a cheerleader (or some other type of helper).


  1. Way to go! I think I'll add a graphic novel next time!

  2. You did great once again, Alison! And I agree, I think this was the best one yet. I sure hope it was the best one yet for Dewey.

  3. Great going! I'm hoping to be a reader next time. :)

  4. Great job with all the reading Alison!! And hearing about your laughing at The Eyre Affair makes me wish that I had read it!!

  5. I think I'm gonna do graphic novels next time as well! It might make things a little easier. Great job!!

  6. YA novels are good picks. So are children's books!

    Good going!

  7. "Reading two graphic novels (see no. 6) during the early morning hours was great for me!"

    Same here! That's what kept me going between 2 and 5am. I'm glad you had fun, Alison, and I hope you can participate again next time!

  8. Terrific job! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, and I agree that graphic novels would be great for when you begin feeling tired.

  9. I"m sorry that I missed supporting you this year!

    How fun.