Sunday, October 19, 2008

Elapsed Time 24:00

Final report!

shortly after my 22:00 progress report, i found myself re-reading the same sentence over and over, and i decided that enough was enough. i laid down, and i was out. i slept for about 3 1/2 hours, then got up and showered and went to church. i'm now home - and making my final report.

Time Read: 11:45 (including 1:30 spent "reading" The Rules of Survival by listening to it on CD while doing chores)

Pages Read: 729 (the latest addition of pages cames from Linda Fairstein's Killer Heat)

Chapters Heard: 13 (i'm on disc 2 of 5)

Books Finished: 5 (during the first half of the read-a-thon, i finished Teach With Your Heart, which i started a week or so ago; since the midway point, i've read the graphic novel Janes in Love, the delightful picture book Library Lion, the children's novel Bronte's Book Club, and the children's graphic novel To Dance. i also read about half of The Eyre Affair)

Time Blogged: 9:15

Prizes Won: in Meryl’s "Quote From Your Book" mini-challenge, i won a “Muggles for Harry Potter” button and a beaded bookmark made by Heather.

Time Sleeping: 2:00

Time Doing Other "Stuff": 1:00

Frame of Mind: while i would have liked to make it through to the end, i did last longer than in my two previous read-a-thons! i had a lot of fun - and i'm already looking forward to april!

Cans of Diet Coke with Lime Consumed: 6

Other Food Items Consumed: two hard-boiled eggs and a bagel with provolone cheese; some Chex Mix; two S'Mores (prepared by my personal chef, my 9yo son Sugar Bear); some taquitos with guacamole; a box of Good and Plenty; part of a grilled steak salad with some chips and queso from Cafe Rio; a Heath candy bar; ice water; some microwave popcorn

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