Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Published in 2002. 222 pages.

I have to admit that several years ago I would never have picked up a novel by Nicholas Sparks. I didn't know much about his work, but I didn't think I'd be interested. I had heard an inspiring story about his tenacity in first getting published, which made me admire him as a person, though not necessarily want to read his books.

Then when my main IRL book club was organized - back in June 2002 - the first pick was The Notebook. Believing that the real fun of book groups is reading things you wouldn't have picked yourself, I read the book - and I really enjoyed it. Not too long after that I fell in love with the movie version of A Walk to Remember. And I've been a Sparks fan ever since!

Whenever I'm in the mood for a sweet love story or a good cry - or both - a Nicholas Sparks book will likely fill the bill. Nights in Rodanthe is no exception. Reading it for book club this month was actually a re-read for me - but I liked it just as well the second time around.

I'm not particularly excited about the movie version of Nights in Rodanthe, given the differences from the book. But then again, as I told my book club friends, if they're going to go see the movie, I'll go along just to see Richard Gere.

What I'd really like to do one day is visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina to see the place where this book is set.



  1. We had our family reunion on the Outer Banks a few years ago. At first I was pretty grumbly about it--it just wasn't my first choice of location. But it turned out to be really fun--we rented a big beachhouse on Corolla and had a blast. I would do it again!

  2. I agree, Gere is the best.
    Love almost anything he does

  3. I was in high school and working at a bookstore when The Notebook was published. I loved it and became a huge Nicholas Sparks fan. I used to buy all his books the day the came out etc etc but I have not read any of his books in several years. Burn out I guess. Nights in Rodanthe is actually one that I enjoyed the least I think.
    Have you read Three Weeks with my Brother? That is my favorite book by Sparks and it is non-fiction.

  4. I read one Nicholas Sparks book years and years ago. Don't even remember which one, but I do remember not liking it. Maybe I should give him another try. I have heard Three Weeks with My Brother is good.

  5. Hey Booklogged - you should definately give Nicholas another go OR you could check out the latest movie. it's really well done actually, made me want to read the book which doesn't usually happen!