Saturday, October 13, 2007

Gossamer by Lois Lowry

Published in 2006. 140 pages.

I read this short young adult book earlier this week in two "waiting" periods - the first half while I was at the hair salon, and the second while waiting for my daughter to finish her clarinet lesson. Total, it probably took me just over an hour to read. Despite the length, however, it is full of emotion. I was glad I was sitting in my car during the second half hour, as I kept crying.

Gossamer is about the creatures that bestow upon us our dreams, some of whom go bad and deliver nightmares instead. The story revolves the training of a young dream-giver, who has been assigned to a house in which an angry young boy lives with his foster care provider. While much of the story, particularly the descriptions of the little dream-giver's personality, is comfortable and sweet - like a happy dream - other parts are heart-wrenching and even scary. I loved this book and highly recommend it!

This is the second book from my original R.I.P. II Challenge list.



  1. I HAVE to read this one. This is the second review I've read of it and it really just sounds amazing. The only thing I've read of Lowry's is The Giver and I loved that one. A wonderful book!

  2. Sounds like an excellent book. Thanks for the review. I'm adding it to my wishlist.

  3. This is on my TBR list. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by my Current Series Status blog. I just spent some time breezing through your blogs and loved them! I'll have to come back when I have more time. :)

    I notice that this and many other books you have read are YA. Have you considered joining the Young Adult Challenge? Come on by and join us; we'd love to have you!

    Also, I love, love the title of your series blog!!! I have to go back there, too.

  5. I loved this one as well. It is such a great book. A real must-read.

  6. I read this for RIP2 and loved it as well!