Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fashion Kitty by Charise Mericle Harper

Published in 2005. 89 pages.

What in the world? I will admit that this graphic novel for children is not my usual fare! An accident transforms a regular girl kitten into a superhero capable of dealing with fashion emergencies.

Why I read this book: This is the pick for October's meeting of the mother-daughter book club I attend with Sugar Plum.

My thoughts about this book: While fashion is of little importance to me, I do like the color pink. But is that enough to recommend the book? I did find it to be delightful! I like that Fashion Kitty is powerful, helps other people, and pokes a bit of fun at those who are obsessed with fashion, and I like that her parents encourage independent thought. Did I get all that out of 89 pages?! Well, I think it's there. (Maybe I'll check out the second in the series - Fashion Kitty versus the Fashion Queen - to see if those themes continue.)

Something else I learned: Graphic novels are shelved under 741.5 in the Dewey Decimal System. When I noticed the number on the spine of the book, I exclaimed, "This is shelved in the non-fiction section?!" Without missing a beat, Sugar Plum said, "That's because Fashion Kitty is real!"



  1. My library has special sections in the adult area and the teen area for graphic novels, so I never really noticed their call numbers. Maybe in the kids' area, too, but I don't venture there as much any more.

    The cover alone grabs me! If I see it at our library, I'll check it out.

  2. Fashion Kitty LOOKS like fun! I used to get stares when I hung around kid's corner at the book store. I don't care!...

  3. My daughter loves the BabyMouse graphic novels. I should try this one with her.

  4. Oh my, I have to admit that that looks like pure FUN!