Saturday, October 20, 2007

Elapsed Time 11:00

Progress report ...

Time Read: 7:30 (give or take a few minutes for interruptions from kids and time spent preparing food)

Pages Read: 350

Time Blogged: 3:30

Frame of Mind: For one hour of my reading time since my last post, I did some household tasks while Sugar Plum (my 11yo daughter) read to me from Pretties. Getting my blood moving a bit was very good for me - and thanks to SP, I was able to keep "reading" too! I will also be taking a two-hour break in an hour or so for an event that was scheduled before I found out about the read-a-thon. I hope to be back strong for the last ten hours! (I hope.)


  1. I love being read to! I've started listening to books on cd while I clean now. Love it. Smarty!

  2. Good for Sugar Plum! They're all helping you out, aren't they? Enjoy your diversion...we'll miss you while you're gone though!

  3. You have the sweetest kids! (and their nicknames are adorable)

  4. Good for your kids...they're being so helpful! Don't want to take away from your fun, but you do realize that you're modeling something very positive for them, don't you??? Happy reading!

  5. I found your blog through karianne, and wanted to come over and encourage you!

    Keep it up! I'll be thinking of you tonight!


  6. Aw, did Sugar Plum then want to read the book herself? I really enjoyed it but I can't remember whether it was ok for an 11 year old or more for teens.

  7. Wonderful idea to have Sugar Plum read to you while you get some work done. Has she read Pretties before or is she hooked by what she read to you.

    I'm here to encourage and cheer you on, as I am the 9-10pm cheerleader.

    Stop by my blog and enter my mini-challenge at A Reader's Journal.

  8. Great idea to be read too.

    Hope all is still going well and you are revived after your break.

    What are you reading next?

  9. Wow great job on the reading, keep it up!