Saturday, June 02, 2007

Random Things About Me

A while back I was tagged by meeyauw for the Seven Random Facts Meme. I've posted a couple similar lists on my "regular" blog lately (here and here) so this list will contain only book- or reading-related items.

  1. I learned to read in the first grade with Dick and Jane.

  2. My love affair with books started in the second grade, and I won the class competition for most books read during the school year. The prize was a copy of The Best-Loved Doll (which I still have).

  3. Growing up, I spent hours every summer at the Idaho Falls Public Library participating in their summer reading programs. (Interestingly, their program this summer has the same theme as the one that my kids and I signed up for yesterday at our local library. Apparently, libraries across the U.S. are using that theme! )

  4. The first book I remember reading that didn't have a happy ending was John Steinbeck's The Red Pony, which I read in my seventh-grade English class. I guess that coming-of-age story was part of my own coming-of-age.

  5. My younger sister Andrea introduced me to Mary Higgins Clark's suspense novels when I was visiting during a college break. I was so freaked out after reading into the dark of night that I couldn't sleep by myself on the sofa and went upstairs and laid on the bottom of her bed for the rest of the night.

  6. I read myself to sleep almost every night. I often fall asleep still holding the book.

  7. When Jelly Bean was a baby, I took some courses at Moorpark College to help keep my sanity. (I struggled with postpartum depression.) In one of the classes, we had to create a slideshow or video that described who we were - and I did a bunch of slides showing me reading at all sorts of times and in all sorts of places, including while driving (not really!) and while changing diapers by having Jelly "hold" the book.


  1. very cool list...I remember those summer reading programs in my town, as well as the book mobile. I too, often fall asleep holding a book, only to be awakened when it hits the

  2. I was nine on a road trip to Maine when I fell in love with reading.

  3. Dick and Jane and libraries: all great memories of the past. Love your list, it's original, different.

  4. The Red Pony was the first book that I ever read that made me cry. It was the first time I actually KNEW that reading could really take you anywhere. I was in the 4th grade - but blame my dad for bringing me books as gifts from a very early age.

  5. You're so lucky that you were hooked on reading when you were young. I didn't start my love for reading until I was in my 30's. So much wasted time. Love Mary Higgins Clark. Still need to read her most recent one, though.

    I signed up for our library's adult summer reading program - same theme! (so are the children and young adult's).

  6. I use to spend summers at the library too! Since I go once a week, I sort of still do.

  7. cute list! my favorite cousin's name is jelly bean:-).
    this is my first time here, thanx to The Hidden Side of the Leaf's BlogRoll game:-)

  8. I have some MHC books on my bookmooch inventory that no one is mooching. If you want them, I'll mail them. You don't need to use any bookmooch points, just as a gift. If you haven't read them already.

  9. dewey: thanks for the offer! but i have already read them all - except the most recent one.

    booklogged: i got the most recent MHC from the library, but i didn't get to it before i had to return it because someone else had it on hold - so i haven't read it yet either.