Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hide by Lisa Gardner

Published in 2007. 375 pages.

The past few weeks I've been so tired that it seems I've done hardly any reading - which is not a good thing, since I'm trying to finish up the Spring Reading Thing and get started on the Summer Reading Challenge! Hide drew me in right from the very first chapter, so it wasn't the book that caused me to fall asleep at night without having read much more than a chapter - sometimes less. I'll blame work and the final days of school and other bits of "life." And I will recommend Hide to anyone who enjoys a good tale of suspense!

On Gardner's website, she says, "Everyone is always asking how such a nice girl like me can write such dark, twisted books. I honestly don't know. But eight New York Times bestselling crime thrillers later, I seem to have made a career out of it." I'm glad she has.

One funny note: I asked Sugar Plum to go upstairs to my room and bring me the book one day during lunch (so I could get another page or two read). As she walked back down with the book in hand, she said, in her own sarcastic way: "This person sure likes long book titles, doesn't she?!" (Gardner's two prior novels were Alone and Gone.)



  1. Oh, yay! A new author that sounds great. Are her books similar to thos of Dean Koontz?

  2. I love one-word titles. You say suspense, but are they scary? I get too scared too easily!

  3. I have never read anything by Gardner, but someone mentioned Alone to me just the other day. After reading your book, I may have to look it up!!

  4. Will you let me know if you decide to put this up for bookmooching. I would love to mooch it.

  5. booklogged: i haven't actually read any Dean Koontz - although one of my sisters is a big fan. i've been a bit afraid that this books are too scary for me.

    dewey: no, not too scary. (see comment to booklogged above.)

    booklogged (again): actually i borrowed this one from the library, as i do almost all the mysteries i read (at least since about 1994), since i'm fairly certain i'll only be reading them once.