Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Discussion Questions for Twilight

Jelly Bean says "this is the best book ever." What makes it such a good book?

Edward and Bella are, of course, terrific characters. But the secondary characters are also great. Who is your favorite?

What's the significance of the scriptural epigraph (Genesis 2:17) and the cover photo?

Did this book change your view of vampires? If so, how? Is it a positive or negative change?

Meyer says that the concept of "choice" is an important one to her. How does the book illustrate that concept?

Do you think that Bella is a strong or a weak woman? Is she a good role model for young women? How does she fit with your view of feminism?

What about Edward as a role model for young men?

Which character (main or secondary) do you relate to most? Why?


  1. My book club is going to be discussing Twilight in a few weeks and I found your questions to be very thoughtful -thanks!

  2. There are a bunch of teachers in my school discussing the first book, and these questions are invaluable. Thank you for posting!

  3. What makes Bella a bad role model?

    Name 3 reasons Bella loves Edward, other than the fact that he's beautiful.

    What friends does Edward allow Bella to have?

    How many times does Bella save herself?