Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Double Bind by Chris Bohjalian

Published in 2007. 357 pages.

I can cross off the first book on my Spring Reading Thing list! Woohoo!

I am a big fan of Chris Bohjalian's novels. Midwives (1997) was the first one I discovered, and I've read all those he's published since that one (but I haven't yet gotten to the four he published prior to that). Before You Know Kindness (2004) is one of my all-time favorite books.

I really enjoyed The Double Bind. It was a compelling read, and Bohjalian's characters are always complex and interesting. There were twists and turns in the plot that both entertained and surprised me. Although this wasn't my favorite of Bohjalian's novels, I still highly recommend it. The "Questions for Discussion" at the end of the book would make this a great book club pick.



  1. Hi again! I'm done with the kitchen. I always felt his characters were somewhat strange, not from here. But B gets the settings down pat for Vermont. He is an excellent observer of the culture, and I think that is the primary reason I enjoy him so much. I have to finish my book I'm in now, then I'll read this one.

    I see you're from Utah! I'm glad you found my blog.

  2. This one's on my Spring Reading list too, although I haven't gotten to it yet. I wish I had time to read it with a book club. I love that interaction and getting other people's interpretations!

    Thanks for the comments on my blog...please do add me to your blogroll, and I'll certainly reciprocate. It seems like we have similar tastes in reading. (I gotta get that Kermit book!) :)


    I finally read the book last week. It is a book that has strongly affected me.

    Thank you. I'm hopiing to join the award winning book challenge but I have no idea what to read! I already have piles I should read and to make a new list of TBR seems overwhelming!