Thursday, July 04, 2013

By the Numbers
One-Half of 2013

Total books read year-to-date: 38.
(At this point last year, I had read 36. Sadly, though, my total for 2012 was the lowest in five years. So I'd really like to pick up the pace in the second half of 2013!)

Fiction: 33.
Non-fiction: 5.

Audiobooks: 18.
(Thirteen of these I "read" via CD during my commuting time. The other five were e-audiobooks, which I borrowed from the county library and "read" on my Kindle or on my iPod, mostly as incentive to exercise.)

On the Kindle: 9.
(I purchased four of these. I borrowed the other five from the Kindle Lending Library.)

Published in 2013: 6.
Published prior to 1990: 0.

Books by male authors: 7.
Books by female authors: 32.
(One book I read - Half the Sky - was co-written by a husband and wife, so I've got one more author than I do books.)

Books that are the first of a series: 4.
Books that are part of a series I started prior to 2013: 3.

Historical fiction: 8.

Young adult: 10.
Middle grade: 3.

Review copies: 1.

Re-reads: 1.

Read for my Teaching Through Literature class: 4.
Read with the "book lunch girls" (aka Natalie's Book Club): 3.
Read with the Book Buddies: 2.
Read with the 52 weeks, 52 books group on goodreads: 2.
(Obviously I'm not keeping up - although I had previously read another six of the titles chosen for this group.)
Read for my annual women's retreat: 1.
(I really enjoyed the discussion we had of Home by Marilynne Robinson.)

5-star rating: 6.
4-star rating: 20.
3-star rating: 12.

How is your 2013 reading adding up?

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