Friday, November 25, 2011

The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

Published in 2010. 339 pages.

Daisy Whitney's "Twitter version" of her debut novel (as revealed on Elana Johnson's blog) is as follows:

The Mockingbirds is the story of an underground student-run justice system at a prestigious boarding school and the date rape case they try.

Thought-provoking and highly readable, The Mockingbirds addresses an important concept for teens - girls and boys - to fully understand:
If a person does not say 'no,' that does not mean he or she said 'yes.' Silence does not equal consent. Silence could mean fear, confusion, inebriation. The only thing that means yes is yes. A lack of yes is a no.
The book includes resources in the back, and there is a Reading Group Guide here.

A sequel to The Mockingbirds, titled The Rivals, is due out next year. I'll definitely be visiting Themis Academy again!



  1. You are reading machine lately!

    I thought the second one was way better.

  2. I have this on my bookshelf, I just need to get to it. Glad you here you liked it.

  3. Janssen: By "second one" do you mean The Rivals? Did you get an ARC of it? I'm eager to read it!

    Jennie: It's a quick read. I hope you like it.