Friday, April 01, 2011

By the Numbers
One-Quarter of 2011

Total books read year-to-date: 21. (My goal for the year is 104 books. I think I'm going to have to work less and read more if I'm going to have any chance of meeting that goal! I do think I'll be able to exceed last year's total - which was 86 - without too much difficulty.)

Fiction: 16.
Non-fiction: 4.
Poetry: 1.

Audiobooks: 8. (Two of these were books - Sarah's Key and Before I Fall - that I started on CD but ended up finishing in the traditional fashion over a weekend because I couldn't wait until Monday's commute to resume!)

Books by male authors: 10.
Books by female authors: 10.
Anthologies: 1.

Published in 2011: 1.
Published prior to 1990: 1.

Historical fiction: 3.

Young adult: 11.
Juvenile: 1.

Read for my Teaching Through Literature class: 2.
Read with the "book lunch girls" (aka Natalie's Book Club): 3.
Read with my long-time book club: 2. (I'm still working on March's pick - A Tale of Two Cities.)

4-star rating: 14.
3-star rating: 7.

What are your reading numbers for 2011 so far?


  1. I don't have a number set but will do my best to read whatever I can. Workload is really taking over my life.

  2. I just heard about Sarah's Key from someone else...

  3. Holy Moly, you are on a roll! I, on the other hand, am grateful that I don't set goals so no one can see how miserably I fail.

    I have enjoyed most of the books this year, I have stayed current with book group books for school and my personal one AND I've started some new genres and met new authors. I am loving my reading mojo!

    I saw snow on the tree branches this morning in your neck of the woods. It makes our 83 degrees and air conditioning seem insane.

    Enjoy!! (I'm back to my books;)