Friday, December 31, 2010

By the Numbers
For the Year 2010

Total books read this year: 86.

Fiction: 77.
Non-fiction: 9.

Young adult: 46.
Juvenile: 7.

Historical fiction: 16.

Published in 2010: 21.
Published prior to 1990: 7.

Re-reads: 3.

Read with the fifth- or sixth-grade book group: 8.
Read with the "book lunch girls" (aka Natalie's Book Club): 9.
Read with my long-time book club: 7.
Read with the Book Buddies: 5.

5-star rating: 8.
(Those were Matched, If You Come Softly, The Happiness Project, Bluebird: Women and the New Psychology of Happiness, To Kill a Mockingbird, Slob, A Northern Light, and Harriet the Spy.)
4-star rating: 42.
3-star rating: 32.
2-star rating: 4.

How did your reading add up in 2010?


  1. One of my resolutions for 2011 is to keep a book journal! It looks like you have had a wonderful year.

  2. I put Harriet the Spy on reserve at my library a couple of days ago because it was so influential to another blogger. Here's the comment I left on her blog: "When Harriet the Spy was published in 1964, I was a busy mother of preschool twin daughters and an infant son. Tonight, I put this book on reserve at my library and will try to rectify my lack of knowledge of this girl ahead of her time."

  3. Wow, you are quite the stats lady! I can't possible break down all of those numbers, but I read 54 books in 2010, so without even meaning to, I read an average of more than one a week! Like President Hinckley said in his biography to Sheri Dew, "Like all of the meals I have eaten in my life, I can't possibly remember all of the books I've read, but I do know that they have made me." And that's a paraphrase, not a direct quote.

  4. Very good achievement, Alison! I wish you an even better reading year in 2011!

  5. 86!! Wow!! I barely got in 41 which is double what I did last year! i love your stats! Happy New Year!!

  6. Hey, good job! You're going to hit that elusive 100 goal in 2011, I just know it.

  7. I'm impressed...didn't even come close to reading that many...I'm holding the PTA personally responsible!! Great job!
    Glad I found your blog this year.