Saturday, October 09, 2010

Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge

"Indie Pride"
Hosted at {Indie}pendent Books

So, I learned something new today! Apparently, in the same way that the accounting industry has the Big 4 (although when I started work as an auditor out of college, it was the Big 8), book publishing has the Big Six.

For this challenge, I checked the publishers of many of the books in my read-a-thon piles and determined that the majority are, in fact, from one of the Big Six. One of the others is this book (which I'm reading because my fourteen-year-old daughter read it as part of her summer reading for school and because it qualifies for the YA-D2 Reading Challenge), published by Bloomsbury:

Can you see it there in one of my piles?


  1. Read a lot, learn a lot. A great exchange! I hope you're enjoying your day. And I see Carter Finally Gets It in your pile...a cute, quick, quirky read. Have fun today!

    Anna @

  2. Yowsa! You have two piles of readathon books? That amazes me. I think I'd like to check my books for publishers in the big six, but probably not today. Keep going!

  3. extra! extra! read all about it you got the power and I am going to shout it 1 2 3 4 come on reader read some more goooooo reader yeah whoo hoo!

    You are doing great keep it up!