Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Resistance, Book 1
by Carla Jablonski & Leland Purvis

Published in 2010. 124 pages.

In keeping with my recent (mostly) unintentional focus on World War II, I picked up this young adult graphic novel from the "new releases" shelf at the library - this time getting a view of the war in France. In the wonderful way that graphic novels do, it illustrates the evil of war in a very accessible way.

On the back cover, Jane Yolen (author of The Devil's Arithmetic) is quoted:

A forceful reminder of both the broad horrors and the small braveries of that period of history, things we should never forget.

I understand that this is the first in a trilogy. I eagerly await the next episode.

For an excerpt from the book and a reading group guide, visit the book's page on the Macmillan website.


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