Saturday, April 10, 2010

Elapsed Time 13:30

Progress Report

Time Read: 5:30

Pages Read: 500.

Books Finished: 3. (I've read A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban and The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams, in addition to finishing Nocturne by Harrison Gradwell Slater.)

Time Blogged: 4:30

Frame of Mind: I'm feeling pretty good right now, a bit sleepy but pleased with how the day has gone so far. I'm thinking that I may take a short nap to re-charge before picking my next book.

Cans of Diet Coke with Lime Consumed: 5.

Food Consumed: One bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. One bag of microwave popcorn. Light lunch of ham, hard-boiled eggs, and French bread. Five cream cheese-jalapeno poppers. Two pieces of garlic French bread pizza. Some Cadbury Mini Eggs.


  1. Did you like The Chosen One? I can't wait for your review of that one. And dang it, I wish I had some jalapeno poppers.

  2. Reading is fun
    Reading is great
    Hope you’re able
    To stay up late!

  3. Natasha: I really liked The Chosen One. I sobbed through the last part of it.

    Jill: Thanks so much for your fabulous cheers!