Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bloggiesta Progress

Things aren't moving as quickly as I had hoped. But I have posted six reviews of 2009 reads and worked on three others. I've also added copyright notices to both this book and my "regular" blog in accordance with Pam's mini-challenge. I'd never thought about doing that before, but now it's done! I've also added a gadget to my sidebar for the Book Blogs Search Engine, courtesy of Fyrefly's Book Blog. I feel a little foolish that I wasn't aware of that before. What a great tool!


  1. I did not do much with Bloggiesta. I came down with an irritating cold and the weather knocked out my Internet yesterday.

    Perhaps I can wander around today and see what others have done.

  2. That's great that Bloggiesta helped you discover some new tools that will be super helpful to you for the blog!

    I'm still working through my own goal of visiting each participants blog, but I'm having fun with seeing what everyone was up to! :-)