Friday, May 01, 2009

I, Coriander by Sally Gardner

Published in 2005. 280 pages.

This children's historical fantasy novel was April's pick for my main book club. I thought it was delightful!

I have learned that there is great power in words, no matter how long or short they be. [page 35]

"What is your name?" asked Arise Fell.
"Ann," I replied.
"Amen," said my stepmother.
I knew then that my name had been stolen from me and locked away in the study. I would have to find it, for without my name who was I? [page 82]

What is it about water, I wonder, that it always calms me? Maybe it was growing up near the Thames. Seeing the river felt like being greeted by a long-lost friend, and I felt a sudden pang for my home and all that I had lost. [page 108]


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