Friday, May 01, 2009

Hot Lunch by Alex Bradley

Published in 2007. 276 pages.

This 2009 Beehive Award Nominee in Young Adults' Books was a fun read with important messages about healthy food choices and improving school lunches.

Great-aunt Dorothy apologized for the food. She was ninety-one, but she had strong feelings on the subject of food. "The food here [at the senior center] tastes like it was made by people who actually hate pleasure," she said. "People who've never eaten a fresh tomato, or real butter, or bacon, or garden peas, or blue cheese, or raspberries from the back yard, or homemade bread with honey on it!"

"I knew that's what it tasted like," I said, "I just didn't know how to say it." [page 125]

What did food mean to me? How had I become a "candy vegetarian"? And how much had I changed in the past several weeks? Why hadn't I ever thought about food before, and how it impacted not just me and my health, but the health and well-being of my community and my planet? Not to mention my taste buds. I remember the cake that Cassie and I had made - the first from-scratch cake I'd ever made - and how good it was. I remembered Edmund's simple but delicious tomato soup. I remembered how that local applie Clyde had let me taste had made the supermarket apple taste like dust. I remember Great-aunt Dorothy's speech in favor of flavor. And I remembered Patty's suggestion that cooking was like magic. [page 253]


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