Friday, March 27, 2009

The Associate by John Grisham

Published in 2009. 384 pages.

I've read most (but not quite all) of John Grisham's twenty-one novels. The Associate is typical Grisham. I loved every escapist moment of it!

Apparently, the book - which is reminiscent of The Firm - is being made into a film starring Shia LeBeouf.



  1. I may just wait for the movie. I like Shia LeBeouf

  2. I went through a major John Grisham faze when I was a sophomore in high school. Loved it!

  3. If Grisham is the author - I've read it and have it on my Read Shelf. :) I haven't thought all of them were fantastic, but I still enjoyed them. I just like his style of writing, I guess. Seems like you have the same feelings.

  4. I've been a little disappointed with some of Grisham's later books, but I loved The Firm, so maybe I'll have to give this one a try!