Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge

softdrink (aka Jill) is hosting a mini-challenge right now. Here's my feeble attempt to channel David Letterman:

Top Ten Things Alison Is Missing
By Participating in the Read-a-Thon

10. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

9. Playing Blokus.

8. Singing in the shower (since she was listening to a book on CD at the time).

7. Watching last night's episode of Sanctuary on DVR.

6. Watching Stargate: SG-1 on DVD.

5. Wasting time on Facebook.

4. Having an afternoon nap.

3. Watching tonight's episode of Saturday Night Live.

2. Making dinner for the family. (Not!)

1. Catching up on the work she didn't finish on Friday. (Actually she's not missing that at all!)


  1. I am so missing #4 and #10!

  2. I haven't made it to Facebook at all today!

    I can't say that I have ever tried listening to an audiobook in the shower before!

  3. You crack me up with the little asides. I didn't miss making dinner tonight either!

    Love Blokus!!

  4. I didn't miss making dinner, either! And I LIKE cooking. It's nice to have a break from anything. Like right now I could use a break from not sleeping.