Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dark Assassin by Anne Perry

Published in 2006. 308 pages.

Dark Assassin is the fifteenth book in Perry's William Monk series, which is set in Victorian London.

I read my first Anne Perry novel in about 1995 on the recommendation of my mom. It was one of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt books, which are also set in Victorian London. I was immediately taken by that series and went back to the beginning to read them all in sequence.

For the same reason that I frequently avoid reading a second book by an author who wrote a book I absolutely love - that is, for fear of disappointment - it took me a little while to decide to also read the William Monk books. I think I like Monk even better than Pitt, though - although it's pretty close to a tie.

I bought Dark Assassin when I had a chance to meet Anne Perry, so I'd have something for her to autograph.

Having read Dark Assassin, I'm up-to-date with this series! Now I need to read Buckingham Palace Gardens to get up-to-date with the Pitt series.

First sentence: Waterloo Bridge loomed in the distance as William Monk settled himself more comfortably in the bow of the police boat.

Last sentence: He had never meant anything more in his life.



  1. ha, I know exactly what you mean. I read most of Thomas and Charlotte before I dared read Monk, he seemed so much darker. I thought after Monk figured everything out that was the end of the series, but I see Perry kept going.
    I haven't read a good Victorian mystery in a while.

  2. I read the first Pitt book earlier this year. I've decided that I need to get current with some of the other mystery series I am reading before I start into Anne Perry's books. Once I get current with Sue Grafton, Martha Grimes or Elizabeth George I will start the Perry books.

  3. I haven't yet read any of the Monk series books, but I do plan too. I love Thomas and Charlotte. :-) I'm only about half way through that series though--there are so many books! Haha