Saturday, June 28, 2008

Elapsed Time 06:00

Progress report ...

Time Read: 3:45

Pages Read: 260 (i switched to Fearless Fourteen after my last progress report, and it moves much more quickly than The Devil in the White City.)

Books Finished: 0

Time Blogged: 2:15

Frame of Mind: I'm nearly finished with Fearless Fourteen, so I'm encouraged by that. I haven't decided what I'll read next - but it'll probably be a YA book. I ate some popcorn just a bit ago, but I'd really like some substantial food. Jelly Bean and I are hoping we can bribe her dad into picking up some Cafe Rio for our dinner. It's hard to believe that we're already a quarter of the way through the read-a-thon.


  1. Can I confess that I gave up on Devil in White City. Honestly, I thought it would make a really great long article in the Sunday Times Supplement, but there just wasn't enough there for a whole book.

    I'm hosting a book giveaway just for Read-a-thon participants. Check my blog to enter. It's open until Wednesday.

    Keep reading!

  2. A YA book sounds like a great idea. A quarter of the way through! Time flies.

  3. Geez...a quarter of the way through already...I hadn't even realized that. I'm sure not making much of dent in my pile.

    Hope you get those yummies you're hoping for!

  4. I loved Devil in the White City, but I wouldn't want to read it for a challenge. It's smart to stick to the YA!

  5. Something short to read, and good to eat sounds like the go for sure. Happy reading! :)

  6. You're doing great! A YA book will be a great idea later on, I think!