Saturday, November 03, 2007

Every Month is a Holiday

Another fun challenge for 2008 is one being hosted by Kim. The idea is pick a holiday or other observance for each month and read a book relating to it. (For more information, click here.) I'm joining in the fun not because I don't already have enough to read next year(!) but because I like the idea of using books to "celebrate" the events of the year. I'm hoping to get my daughters - and maybe even my son - to assist me with these celebrations. Of course, where I can cross-list books to other challenges, I'll be doing that too! (By the way, I "borrowed" the graphic from Lynne; I hope she doesn't mind.)

This is my preliminary list of events and some of the related books:


  1. For April - No Housework Day - how about the Lorna Landvik book ANGRY HOUSEWIVES EATING BON-BONS? Sounds like they weren't doing housework!

    Feel free to use the button!

  2. I'm reading Mrs. Kimble right now. It would fit into October because one of the three wives is a breast cancer survivor.

  3. Hello, fellow challenge fiend! Isn't this one a fun idea? I see we're both doing Dairy Month. Dairy Queen is SO excellent - I'm actually excited on your behalf, it's that good. Since I've already read that one, I'm doing a mystery about a woman dairy farmer called Till the Cows Come Home.

  4. thanks, lynne, for permission to use the button!

    i've already Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons - or that would be an excellent choice for April. i also thought of The Undomestic Godess - but i've read that one too.

    i've also already read Mrs. Kimble - or that would work for October.

    keep the suggestions coming! :)

  5. I love your choice of Speak, it's such a powerful book. And In Her Shoes is a super choice for Sister's Day!