Sunday, October 21, 2007

Read-a-Thon Mini-Challenge

Can I Write a Limerick at This Hour?

The challenge for Hour 21 is to write a limerick or haiku about a character we're reading about. I'm currently reading Janet Evanovich's Motor Mouth, so here is (an attempt at) a limerick about the main character Alexandra "Barney" Barnaby:

There once was a girl who liked cars,
A NASCAR career, in the stars.
With Hooker and Gobbles,
She had a few squabbles,
A dead man they had to take far.


  1. I know that hooker! Lula? Lola? Lula I think. I remember her! She's hilarious.

  2. Lula is a hooker (or at least a former one), and she is hilarious - but that's a different series (Stephanie Plum). this Hooker, with a capital H, is a NASCAR driver with whom Barney works (and otherwise "associates"). :)