Friday, September 21, 2007

We Have a Winner

As promised, I have randomly selected one lucky person from those who left a comment on my review (or on my link to the review from my "regular" blog) and will be passing along my copy of History Lesson for Girls to her.

Drum roll, please.

And the winner is Qtpies7!
(Lisa, if you'll email me your snail mail address,
I'll get the book out to you shortly!)

By the way, I'm currently reading The Spanish Bow for review and will be passing it along as soon as I'm done - so be sure to check back!


  1. Yippee! I have lots of girls, too!
    Thank you, I'm emailing you shortly.

  2. Oooooh! The Spanish Bow is in my extra-definitely-must-read wislist! I hope I notice when you finish it and throw my name in there! And congratulations, Qtpies7!

  3. I added your reading blog to my reader. I have read many of the books you review and love most of the reads. Have you ever checked out the Booker Award Winners? Stone Diaries by Carol Shields was one of my favorite winners from a few years back.
    We moved from SLC to Calif 18 months ago and with the move I left behind an amazing book club. I had been reading/discussing books with these women for over 12 years. Left quite a hole.
    Well, I will pass your site along to my group.