Friday, September 07, 2007

"It was just right."

Are you a Goldilocks kind of reader?

Do you need the light just right, the background noise just so loud but not too loud, the chair just right, the distractions at a minimum?

Or can you open a book at any time and dip right in, whether it’s for twenty seconds, while waiting for the kettle to boil, or indefinitely, like while waiting interminably at the hospital – as long as the book is open in front of your nose, you’re happy to read?

While some books require more "ideal" reading conditions than others, I am definitely happy to read any time I encounter an open book!

In the past year, I have read while sitting in the dentist's office, while sitting in my car waiting for a cheeseburger at the Sonic Drive-In, and while sitting in my favorite, comfy chair in the family room, with my feet up on the ottoman. I've read for just a few minutes while waiting to take Jelly Bean to the bus stop, and I've read for several hours while waiting for a flight. During our vacation to San Diego in June, I read at SeaWorld and at Legoland, as well as on the plane, on the beach, and in the hotel. I've read a lot while lying in bed. I've read while eating lunch. I've read while waiting for my turn during an online Blokus game.

Too big? Too small? Too hot? Too cold? Too hard? Too soft? I'll read through it all!


  1. Same thoughts as you, Alison! Only time I don't read is when it's too dark...

  2. I am the same. Normally I can't read in the car though - somehow this summer I got past that and read almost the entire Harry Potter 7 - didn't feel carsick once. Perhaps it was some secret spell the book had on me? lol

  3. Your reply made me smile. I'm slightly Goldilocks-ish in that loud noise distracts me, and I can't read in moving cars or buses. Otherwise though, pretty much anywhere.

  4. Me too, to all of what you said. Well, except Sonic. ;)

  5. Yeah, we book lovers will read anywhere we go, no matter where we are...hehe. If we have to find a 'perfect' timing, we will never get to read anyway! :P

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. I was lookin' for your FM post, but since I'm here, I'd figure I'd letcha know.

    I can read anytime, anyplace, I guess more so if it's fiction. Non-fiction require fewer distractions.

    I always keep a book in my car just in case I have "found time" on my hands.

    I'm signing in w/my Blogger ID, but I'm at typepad now :).

  7. Girl after my own heart! I would read here or there, I would read anywhere! I have even been seen (by my mystified and somewhat irritated husband) reading while walking from the couch to the bed. But only if it is a really, really, vital moment in the book. My husband says friends don't let friends walk and read. Ha ha. :)