Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Unread Authors Challenge

Pour of Tor is hosting the Unread Authors Challenge. Running from September 1 through February 29, this challenge requires that participants read at least six books by authors they have never read before. The list can take the form of either one book from each of six previously unread authors or several of the works of anywhere from one to five previously unread authors.

I have not yet picked my specific titles, but because the challenge starts on Friday, I wanted to get this post up. I plan to choose my list from among the following ten authors:

  • Avi
  • Elizabeth Berg
  • Nancy Farmer
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • Shannon Hale
  • Jane Hamilton
  • Carl Hiaasen
  • Alice Hoffman
  • Jennifer Weiner
  • Scott Westerfeld
If you have any favorites among this list of writers, be sure to let me know which titles you recommend I read first!


  1. Welcome to the challenge! This is a great list of authors (and don't feel rushed to commit to specific works; you can take all the time you like). I think that the only one I have read as of yet is Scott Westerfeld, so I am really looking forward to getting some recommendations from you as the challenge progresses!

  2. Almost anything by Jane Hamilton is good, but I would most recommend either A Map of the World or Disobedience. I used to love Alice Hoffman, but her more recent books have gotten just a little to Gothic for my's an older one and might be hard to find, but I think Seventh Heaven might be my favorite of hers. And Jennifer Weiner writes very smart and funny chick-lit; I've found that anything of hers is a quick and enjoyable read. Enjoy the challenge!

  3. I love Alice Hoffman, she's my favourite author. I recommend Ice Queen, or Second Nature by her.