Friday, March 09, 2007

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America
by Bill Bryson

Published in 1989. 299 pages.

I started reading this one back in January for one of my book clubs, but when I realized I had a work commitment the night of the group meeting, I decided that I'd finish the book at a slower pace. Bryson's sarcastic humor is actually better enjoyed in small bites, so that worked out well. Here's a sample of Bryson's writing that I particularly liked:

I was entering a land of drifters: dreamers, losers, vagrants, crazy people - they all always go west in America. They all have this hopeless idea that they will get to the coast and make a fortune as a movie star or rock musician or game-show contestant or something. And if things don't work out they can always become a serial murderer. It's strange that no one ever goes east, that you never encounter anyone hitchhiking to New York in pursuit of some wild and crazy dream to be a certified public accountant or make a killing in leveraged buyouts. [page 233]


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