Friday, January 26, 2007

Limitations by Scott Turow

Published in 2006. 197 pages.

I love the cover of this book!

But I put it on hold at the library without having seen it, just because I'm a fan of Scott Turow. I read his first novel Presumed Innocent back in 1990 when I was pregnant with Jelly Bean. Lying in bed, reading half the night, I got close to the end only to discover that my paperback copy was missing a bunch of pages. Needless to say, WhiteRabbit was dispatched to the bookstore early the next day for a replacement copy! I've read all of Turow's novels since then - except Ordinary Heroes, which I didn't find time for when it first came out and haven't got back to since.

Originally a serial novel in the New York Times Magazine, Limitations isn't long - which is quite a plus for me these days - but I found it every bit as compelling as Turow's longer novels. If you like a good legal thriller, I'd certainly recommend this one.

P.S. Because the main character of the novel is named George Mason, I learned the identity of the namesake of the Cinderella team in last year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. (Maybe I should have already known who George Mason was, but, alas, as a Western States girl without a lot of knowledge of the Founding Fathers, I did not. Or I'd forgotten, if I once did!)


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